The European Green Deal states that "energy storage and carbon capture, storage and utilization” is one of the priority areas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of 55 % by 2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2050.

The project has received funding from the European Partnership on Metrology, co-financed by European Union Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme and from the Participating States.

MeTCCUS Kick-off meeting

On October 12th, MetCCUS kick-off meeting hosted by NPL was held in Teddington, UK.

During the meeting, a guided visit allowed participants to see some of the equipment to be used during the project, including the laboratories of corrosion, multi-gas humidity, trace gas analysis, among others.

The aim of this project is to develop new metrology tools in the form of Primary Standards and methods, as well as the relevant best practice/guidance, necessary to support industry in CCUS. This will be accomplished by addressing key measurement challenges related to flow metering, emissions monitoring, chemical metrology, and the physical properties of CO2.

For this project, FORCE will be the leader for developing new traceable flow calibration facilities and primary standards, and also for providing guidance on calibrating meters with alternative fluids that are common in laboratories.

NPL will guide the provision of the metrological support needed to enable the measurement and reporting of emissions to air from different stages of the CCUS process.

INRIM lead the establishment of the metrological infrastructure needed to support the design, monitoring and maintenance of industrial infrastructures dedicated to carbon capture, transportation, utilisation and storage.

GERG will be responsible for creating impact for the project to support all relevant stakeholders from industry, manufacturers, standardisation committees, metrology institutes and the scientific community.

VSL will develop new standards and measurement methods to support European industries with performing the gas composition measurements (required for carbon dioxide within CCUS).

Finally, as the Project Leader, it will be in charge of the logistical management of the project.

Good luck to all Participants for this start!

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